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Welcome to Market Gurukul

Thanks a Ton, to our Youtube Subscribers, it is because of your Love and Support, today we are No.1 in India for Technical Analysis Training be it Stock Trading, Commodity Trading or Forex Trading technical analysis Training.

With over 120,000 Video Watch on Youtube per month and Over 365 days of Video Watch per Month!!! , we could just say, WOW and thank you to our Subscribers and Friends.

It is because of our Long Standing Youtube Subscribers, who showered their Love and support on what we 'Believed' and what we are 'Doing' that has given us a shot in the arms and we are gearing up to do More, to Attempt More and to Achieve More for You, in the Coming days.


If you are new to our Youtube Channel & our Site, remember, it is our Fans and Friends, who have given us this Vision to Create a Friendly, Free & State of the Art (good news in short time) Eco-System for the New Traders in the Indian Subcontinent who love and Speak Hindi.

So, if you are our Subscriber, almost everything that WE have here & everything we have created for you is FREE of Cost. Feel free to watch all the Videos, take a Full course, Install our Technical Analysis App, Download Tools, Strategies & Templates… Use it, Share it, do whatever you want, Just don't try to Sell it… Freely you have received, Freely you must Give.

Some Exciting Forth Coming Attractions for you:
1.  Full Course of Technical Analysis, with Q&A and Certification FREE
2.  Big Prizes & Competitions that will teach you Money Management & Emotional Discipline
3.  Mobile Technical Analysis Platform, now Analyse on the GO… for the tech savvy,
4.  Become a Broker and earn money…. Yes, with ZERO investment with leading brokerage firms (negotiations are on, will give final layout soon)
5.  AND the BIG News, For the 1st Time in India, A Demo Trading Terminal for Indian Stocks, Commodity & Currency….. FREE for our Subscribers :D how is that?

And Much more, if you have any Ideas that we can Implement, we would love to hear it from you, and Incase if we Implement your Idea, you will Get an Exciting Price….

Finally Friends, I want to request you all, we are in the Building Phase, there are so many things not in order, not in place, request you to be a little Patient and also request you bring it to our notice so that we can change it. With God's Grace and Your support, let us Redefine the Indian Trading Eco-system.